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Fresh perspectives and approaches on timeless key skills and behaviours

Leadership development from a committed vegan and people development expert.

Leadership Development

'Real' leadership is the ability to make people want to follow, irrespective of workplace circumstances. It will always be a core expectation of those in authority positions. I can help you support your key people to maximize their potential by developing the key skills needed to lead in today's business world. My track record in helping individuals become 'real' leaders is second to none.

Corporate Culture Creation and Management

With a comprehensive understanding of what a culture is and what truly creates an impact, I have helped to create, manage, measure and alter corporate cultures. I have a significant and successful track record in working to correct cultures that have become toxic. I understand what people value in their workplaces and how to engender cultures that promote retention and goodwill. And like all of my expertise, it has been gained against a global backdrop.

Corporate culture creation and management from a committed vegan and people development expert.
Team effectiveness and issue resolution from a committed vegan and people development expert.

Team Effectiveness and Issue Resolution

Getting a team to pull together in today's fragmented business environment can be a struggle. I have over thirty years of unparalleled  experience in everything team related, from helping teams overcome divisive intra-group issues, through creating more effective working relationships in teams that span the globe. No challenge is too big or too small.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

My experience of heightening awareness of DEI dates back to the 1990s, when it was simply known as diversity; but (without going into detail) my life has been a living experience of the importance of DEI, making its delivery a deeply held commitment for me. I do not deliver educational initiatives. Instead I work to create transformative programs and events that alter the mindsets of participants and bring about lasting, constructive change in the workplace. NB. I prefer the term 'belonging' over inclusion, since a sense of it is a key component in the reasoning behind why people want to stay with an employer.

DEI consulting from a committed vegan and people development expert.


Coaching from a committed vegan and people development expert.

Over the years I have coached business leaders (from C level executives, through to those who aspire to climb the corporate ladder), politicians and even celebrities to enable them to deliver the best versions of themselves, Utilizing a true coaching model, rather offering the type of therapy sessions that have become de rigueur in the business world, my initiatives have included personal one-on-one, team and 'hot house' coaching. I even coached an individual who went on to found one of the world's first coaching federations!


Beginning with the need to prove the value of my development initiatives, I have been developing leading edge HRM metrics since the mid 1990s. My products have gone on to be used as templates for many of today's offerings and have been used globally to provide businesses with the information they need to help their people become more effective. Considering that nothing is unmeasurable, I  can produce bespoke quantifications, even for those matters normally regarded as merely qualifiable.

Metrics developed by a committed vegan and people development expert.
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