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"A phenomenal coach and leadership enabler who has value to add to anyone using his services. Amazing ability to relate and understand each individual. A high degree of integrity when working with people."


Helen Lederer CBE

Deputy Director - Corporate Services at Prime Minister's Office - 10 Downing Street and Cabinet Office Diversity and Inclusion Champion

I found Mark to be an exceptional coach enabling my colleagues and me to develop a high level of self awareness and develop new behaviours to improve our ability to successfully lead diverse groups. I can whole-heartedly recommend Mark and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Terri Westlake 

Customer Director at Dunel

Mark  completely changed my approach to leadership, improved my self awareness and was no small part in my next promotion.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark for leadership development and other HR consultancy assignments.

Its also worth reading his book!

Simon Howard

Global Sales Director at OAG

Mark Starmer is a special character who people will remember after they have had the pleasure to be on one of his training classes.

Mark has the ability to involve and challenge people during the training sessions in a way which is unique in comparison with other training classes I followed in the last 15 years.

His sessions are a experiences of a lifetime and a valuable source of knowledge.

Jan van Bakel

Snr Manager Customer Support Services Dell Technologies 

Mark has a wealth of knowledge, his own well formed ideas and an incredible ability to assess anyone and instantly get to the heart of their issues. I have honestly never met anyone so insightful - he completely nailed my flaws, even those buried deep, and was a massive help in blowing these apart. 

I would say my capabilities have improved 100% from working with him so I would fully recommend him to anyone wanting to develop, improve and reach their full potential.

Nick Howitt

Marketing Director at Frontline


Mark was responsible for the creation and delivery of a (secular) senior leadership program. I was continually impressed with his understanding of my personal needs and the needs of the group. As a result of this course it changed the way I work and the way I think about my goals - all for the better. 


Years later, the information is still relevant and I call on the many experiences and learning to continue my development.

I've kept in contact with Mark as I find his insight and advice invaluable. If I was asked to make a recommendation for leadership training or coaching Mark would be top of the list.

Aran Beesley

Parish Priest - Rector of the Uffington Group

​Mark worked with me as part of a leadership program in our business. As far as individual development and awareness I have never got so much out of any other training program. I would travel across the world to spend time with him, he really is that good !

Jason Trout

Global Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Peach, Advisor, Mentor, Diversity and Inclusion Champion 

​Mark takes your leadership skills, marches them to the top of the hill, and when you think you're done, marches them up an even higher one. The results will stay with me for ever --- I can honestly say the things I learned from Mark have helped me through the biggest challenges in my career. 

Steve Prentice

Group Managing Director at Bauer Media Group

​I took part in an experiential learning course delivered by Mark more than 10 years ago and the most compelling testimony I can provide about him, his tools and techniques is that I still carry key lessons from that time with me now.


He is a genuine expert at what he does and continues to influence my approach to people leadership to this day.

Chris Hancock

Managing Director

American Express

​I would recommend Mark Starmer very strongly for his doubtless expertise in executive development. My company engaged Mark on repeat basis. His work is focused, deeply-considered, carefully structured and very effective. The separations that exists between management potential and leadership ability are very real. Mark understands that like no one else I've encountered - and he has produced great results at my company.

Tim McLoughlin



I first came across Mark years ago, when he lead an awesome management development program - without doubt the most challenging, but most effective leadership program I ever experienced.


When he left to set up his own business, we worked together again when I was at Egg, and without any question I would recommend Mark to any company looking to significantly develop their leadership skills

Liz Gratton



I've worked with Mark on several occasions on a variety of projects. I use him because I know of no one who knows more about HRM issues or does what he does, as well as he does it. (And I know a LOT of people in this arena.)

James Plummer

CEO - Prospect

Mark delivered an engaging and informative presentation for our Global Support Team at We The Free to develop our leadership, conflict resolution, and speaking skills. His presentation was well laid out with opportunities for practical application so I could easily integrate his teachings. Following the workshop, I have a better understanding of my job as a leader, what framework I apply when communicating with members of our team, and how to engage with an audience. From my perspective, Mark talks the talk and walks the walk. He is an authoritative force for good and when Mark speaks, I believe we should all take care to listen.

Zachary Champoux

Co-Founder at Passionoat, Director of Operations with We The Free

I've simply never encountered anyone who has a better understanding of what a company culture is and what you can do about it than Mark Starmer. He spent 2 days just talking to our people and read our business and its issues like a book. It's one that might have had an unhappy ending if it hadn't been for his input. Thank you Mark. You saved us!

Sharon Plowright

COO Carlson Europe (Retired)

I was trained by Mark Starmer an embarrassingly long time ago. 


Since then, I have been on more development events, of all kinds,  than I can begin to remember. But I can say with total honesty that nothing has ever come close to the inputs I got from him; nor has any other HRD provider been able to match his knowledge, skill of delivery, or raw ability to make a lasting difference to people and businesses.

Rebecca Harkcom

Deputy Chief Executive 

Education For Health

I first met Mark Starmer in 1999 and we had an on-going relationship for the next 10 years. This longevity alone says a great deal about the regard the business had for him. During this time he  delivered events for us all over the world. We are always impressed with the creativity of the approaches used, the practicality of the content and the skill of the delivery. We use many providers for our people development. None of them are able to demonstrate the innovation, thought leadership and commitment to bringing about change to his standard. He has played a more than significant part in the development of a very large number of managers and is rightly held in high esteem.

Hubert Innerhofer

Senior Director Global Services at EMC (retired)


Mark was chosen by First Direct to run its leadership program. He met all the goals we set for him and then some.


For many of the people who were lucky enough to have the experience, it proved to be a seminal moment in their careers.

Stephen Townend

Entrepreneur, COO, CMO, NED and Consultant

I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants to reach their full potential at work or in their personal life. It was inspirational, transformational and extremely challenging. It is not for the faint hearted, but definitely a must for anyone who wants to make a difference and see immediate, lifelong lasting results.

Chris Lawson

Founder of Moreno Marketing

 Award winning Podcast Host of IVFDAD and Across the Pond

I would highly recommend Mark to any organisation that wants to really develop and challenge its senior management.


Tessa Clarke

Co-founder & CEO of OLIO - Share More, Waste LessCo-founder & CEO of OLIO - Share More, Waste Less

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